Nettle Ginger Herbal Tea


I recommend that everyone enjoy a cup of nettles tea daily! 

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Nettles are one of the finest FOODS on the earth and as a “food”, they are safe to take on a daily basis.

Nettles are one of the most outstanding herbs you can have in your medicine cupboard. Many herbalists will tell you, if they had only one herb to use, they would choose nettles. I recommend that everyone enjoy a cup of nettles tea daily!

Nettles are tonic and nutritive to every system and every organ in the body.
Being referred to as a “Grandfather Herb” nettles are truly a super food containing extremely high amounts of nutrients, minerals and protein that are readily absorbed by the body. Due to the high levels of iron, and Vitamin C (necessary for the absorption of iron) nettle is traditionally used in the treatment of Anemia. Highly recommended for pregnant, lactating women. 

Some herbs or foods have a strengthening action on a particular part of the body. Nettles are strengthening to EVERY part of the body! Drinking nettle tea daily is a safe and effective way to enrich every cell in the body.

Nettles go way beyond our daily needs of vitamins, minerals and protein. Just one cup of nettle tea per day is sufficient for satisfying the bodies daily requirements. 

Benefits of Nettles

  • all over general tonic
  • helps alleviate allergic reactions
  • helps alleviate inflammation from arthritis and gout
  • resolves iron deficiency due to high levels of iron and vitamin C (which is necessary for the absorption of iron)
  • balances acid/alkaline ratio in the body (an acidic body is the environment for disease)
  • helps support the body during stress
  • restorative to adrenal glands
  • blood cleanser and blood builder *excellent spring tonic and cleanse with Dandelion!!
  • reduces inflammation of kidneys
  • reduces edema (water retention)


The spicy ginger warms beautifully, and aids in digestion. Ginger is a wonderful herb to have in your kitchen. It is a warming, carminative herb that helps with: bloating, indigestion, nausea, inflammatory pain, and gas.It also has a wonderful synergistic effect and I add it to my nettles tea to enhance the benefits of nettles.

This tea is also excellent to have on hand when dealing with colds and flu.

Ingredients: *Nettle leaf, *Ginger root (*Certified Organic)

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