Boneset Eupatorium


“… among the truly valuable remedies of our native material medica.” William Cook, MD 1869

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Boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum) is a native plant of Ontario which grows in moist meadows and marsh lands. It is one of the plants Joe Pye promoted to the settlers and it became a most important herbal medicine.

The leaves and flowers of this plant are among the truly valuable remedies of our native material media. They have long been employed in family practice, and deserve to be esteemed as one of the most useful medicines of the people and though their intense bitterness has caused them to fall largely into disuse, they merit much more attention than is now given them by the profession.

-William Cook, MD 1869.

Boneset is best known historically as a plant medicine used with proven success during flu epidemics. Used by doctors extensively throughout North America from 1790 – the early 1900’s, taught to them by First Nations people. 

Used specifically for fever accompanied by aches and pains, weakness and fatigue. 

Dosage: 10 drops 4 x daily. Not exceeding 5 days.


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