Elderberry Syrup


A traditional syrup, handmade in small batches with certified organic Elderberries and flowers.
400 ml

Elderberry Syrup


                Elderberry syrup has been used for centuries as an effective traditional tonic for maintaining health.

Our syrup in made in small fresh batches with certified organic ingredients.

Highly Concentrated And Double Extracted

Sweet Song's elderberry syrup is a highly concentrated herbal syrup. We preserve our syrup with local honey and specific herbal tinctures that support health.

Our Elderberry syrup will last one year in your fridge.

Grown in our medicinal gardens and sustainably harvested.

We grow elderberries in our organic gardens in Lakefield, Ontario. We use the flowers and leaves to make soothing  topical salves and soap. We use the berries to make traditional elderberry syrup.

Sweet Song Elderberry syrup is made with our fresh garden organic and certified organic dried berries and flowers. It is our hope to partner with local farms that grow elderberries.

How to store Elderberry Syrup

Sweet Song Elderberry Syrup must be kept in the refrigerator even before opening and will last for one year or more.

Click Here to learn more about our Elderberry Syrup, and information on how to use it.

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