Digestive Tonic – Cooling


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A traditional tonic for the digestive system, bitters have been used historically to improve metabolism.

Take digestive tonic 10-30 minutes before and/or after a meal.

Cooling Formula –  If you are constitutionally warm, meaning you become flushed easily, you don’t mind the cold, you prefer your drinks icy cold and your body typically runs on the warm side with a fast metabolism; the Cooling Digestive Tonic is perfect for you. If you are on the cool side, choose the  Warming Digestive Bitters. If you aren’t sure, send me a message and we can discuss.

“Not a medicine but a necessity.” – Danielle Charles Davies

**The name Blessed Bitters was inspired by Michigan Herbalist Jim Mcdonald’s article, Blessed Bitters.

You can read it here.

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