Elder Flower Soap


This gentle soap has a lovely creamy lather that soothes and moisturizes your skin.

Ideal for the most sensitive skin.


Elder Flower is a very classic beauty aid traditionally used for sensitive skin conditions.

This soap has a rich, creamy lather that feels great on the skin.

 Ultra-soothing and moisturizing!

A  great soap to have at your kitchen and bathroom sinks and in the tub/shower. Ideal for the cottage and camping as it is biodegradable and safe to use in nature.

We feel our soaps are unique and very special because they are made with oils we have carefully infused with flowers and herbs grown and gathered from our gardens and the surrounding fields. They are not made by simply adding a few drops of extracts, fragrances or essential oils.

Handmade in small fresh batches with saponified high quality food grade *coconut oil and *extra virgin olive oil infused with *Elder Flowers.
*Certified Organic and Food Quality 

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1/2 bar, 1 bar