This lovely Jewelweed Soap is double extracted, handmade in small batches, and 100% vegan.

Sweet Song soap is artfully crafted the old fashioned way. It has a wonderful creamy lather that soothes and moisturizes.

If you think, or know that you have been in contact with poison ivy, it is important to wash with COLD water.
Hot water will open your pores and allow more oil to be absorbed.

The benefits of Jewelweed are quite specific. Today it is most widely used as a topical treatment for extreme itchiness and rash caused by contact with plants and insects, most notably: poison ivy, oak and sumac. 

This plant is wonderful to know and easy to recognize. The fluid in jewelweed’s succulent leaves helps to heal rashes and stings of any kind. For me, jewel weed was an exciting plant to learn about. Growing up I had heard that there was a plant which grows close to poison ivy that would help to cure the rash. To me this was such a beautiful mystery. Discovering that this plant does exist was so fascinating, a true ‘jewel’ of knowledge. I especially love to show people jewelweed so they too can spread the word and show others this helpful plant, a mere common weed that cures poison ivy does indeed exist.

Applying Jewel Weed will help keep the poison ivy rash from spreading, help ease the itch and clear it up quite quickly.

If you are lucky enough to apply jewelweed when the rash is just beginning, you may avoid the rash altogether and witness the amazing antidote effect of this wonderful plant.

Jewelweed is very soothing and gentle and can be applied to even the most delicate areas of the body.

Handmade with saponified high quality food grade *coconut oil and *extra virgin olive oil infused with *Jewelweed, *Plantain and *Sweet Fern grown in my organic gardens or ethically wild crafted from the fields and forests nearby.


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