St. John’s Wort Sun Infused Oil


From the very first time that we were led to
harvest St. John’s Wort flower, we have had
many beautiful experiences while gathering
this special plant, that it quickly became
One Of Our Favourite Herbs!

The deep red colour and rich fragrant scent of this oil attests to it's
Quality, Vibrancy and Effectiveness!

A lot of love and care goes into the way we infuse our herbal oils.

Being mindful that St. John's Wort has a strong affinity to the sun, and is known as "The Plant of Light", we intentionally allow a mixture of flowers, buds and leaves to gently sun-infuse into certified organic oils for several weeks. This process allows the fullest amount of active constituents to be extracted into the oil. 

We have been making this oil for many years and have had
excellent feedback on this product.


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30ML, 60ML, 125ML


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