Sweet Fern Herbal Cream- Bite and Itch


This is a great cream to have in your herbal medicine chest.

Useful for the worst types of rashes. 


An astringent cream featuring ethically wild crafted, local medicinal plants.

Ultra-soothing Sweet Fern Herbal Cream is great for bites, stings, rashes, sunburn, cuts, scrapes, splinters, acne and dermatitis or any itchy inflamed skin condition.

I use Sweet Fern in my medicine making for conditions of the skin. In cases of advanced poison ivy, oak or sumac rash, there is no other plant to compare with the trusted effects of Sweet Fern.

Although Jewelweed is known as the antidote for poison ivy, I believe jewelweed is best used at the onset or before the rash appears. Sweet Fern is used when the rash is already present and well established; blistering, bubbling and full blown. To learn about Sweet Fern, please read my article Sweet Fern under plant monographs.

If you are interested in learning more about poison ivy, see my article here.

Ingredients: A proprietary blend of medicinal plants grown in my gardens and ethically wild crafted from the fields and forests nearby infused in certified organic, food quality olive oil, non-nano zinc oxide, bees wax from Wren Lane Honey in Lakefield, Ontario.



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Bite and Itch

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