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This is a great little spray to take have on hand. It is safe for use on children and babies. 

Sweet Fern Herbal Spray (formerly called Bite and Itch Spray), can be used on insect bites and stings, itchy rashes, poison ivy, and even acne. 

Sweet Fern is a native plant to Canada and the USA, found in the Eastern Woodlands from Ontario to Newfoundland. 

Sweet Fern has been long forgotten by modern medicine and over looked by many western herbalists. I find Sweet fern to be one of my most important aromatic, astringent herbs with incredible medicinal benefits.

I use Sweet fern in my medicine making for conditions of the skin. In cases of advanced poison ivy, oak or sumac rash, there is no other plant to compare with the trusted effects of Sweet Fern. Although Jewelweed is known as the antidote for poison ivy, I believe jewelweed is best used at the onset or before the rash appears. Sweet Fern is used when the rash is already present and well established.

“Sweet fern is a good remedy for poison ivy. Once I found myself blistering up. Though I caught it elsewhere, just then I was at Sunstone Herb Farm, in Ulster County, New York. There wasn’t a lot around but white pine and comptonia. The poison ivy was gone in twelve hours.”

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