Spring Gift Box


A W A K E N I N G 

Celebrate The Joy Of Spring
with fresh, limited edition botanical products filled with the essence of our favorite spring flowers and herbs thoughtfully chosen for this collection.

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A Garden In A Box

Large size, limited edition botanical goodness made with 2023, fresh spring flowers and herbs!

· botanical body oil *infused with violets and calendula

· body butter scrub (10oz)

· wild violet cleansing grains (4oz)

· spring cleansing tea

· nutritive vinegar (8oz) *for internal use

· a 40z bottle of sweet violet syrup [for spritzers, cocktails &/or mocktails]

· garden violet soap

For sprinkling on cakes, muffins, in drinks, salads, or even in your bath

· hand painted art

+ A few extra surprise gifts !

Along with a beautiful newsletter with information about the medicinal herbs, + instructions and recipes for using all your new herbal products.

To truly capture and celebrate the medicine and beauty of this year’s S P R I N G 
 we are making all the products in your Spring Box with fresh flowers and herbs. 

Your fresh made, botanical goodness will be shipped to you in early June.

The First Flowers Of Spring

Violet · Dandelion · Nettle · Chickweed

We are joyfully anticipating the new growth that is coming our way. 

Because of their early spring appearance they have gained the reputation of being associated with the celebration of new life and new beginnings and they most certainly have the nutritive properties to nurture that process.

A   C e l e b r a t i o n   O f   S p r i n g ! 

*The Spring Gift Box will be on sale until April 22nd, 2023*




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