Queen of Hungary Waters


A timeless beauty aid, formulated after the first cosmetic recipe ever recorded.

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An all-natural beauty tonic.

The Queen of Hungary Waters is an astringent facial toner crafted with rose water and organic apple cider vinegar that has been infused with an array of beautiful, fresh herbs and flowers gathered from our organic gardens at the height of the growing season. 

A Garden In A Bottle

This gentle toner is excellent for all skin types and is particularly beneficial for oily and acne prone skin. An excellent daily astringent facial tonic. 

Each herb and flower offers their own unique
and outstanding benefits for your skin.


  • tones and clarifies skin 
  • mildly exfoliates
  • encourages skin renewal
  • stimulates blood flow to the skin
  • tightens, and minimizes pores
  • normalizes PH properties
  • soothes and calms inflammation
  • smooths and moisturizes 

Formulated after the oldest cosmetic recipe ever recorded, the Queen of Hungary Waters are said to be developed by gypsies who used it as; a hair rinse, mouthwash, for bug bites, scrapes, bruises, dandruff, sunburn, etc. We love it as an all natural, nourishing facial toner. 

This legendary recipe has been passed down through oral traditions and folktales. It was made famous by the Queen of Hungary who, in her 70’s married a 25 year old man. The water’s became appreciated as her secret beauty aid. 

Use as your daily facial toner after cleansing. Follow with your favourite moisturizer. 
Shake before use, sediment on the bottom is normal.
Avoid contact with the eyes.
The Queen of Hungary Waters will keep for years and does not require refrigeration. We think it even gets better with age 🙂 

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