Peppermint Lip Balm

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Sweet Song lip balm is made with flowers + herbs grown in my organic gardens.

All natural, food quality ingredients, and organic.

 This lip balm is pretty intense. Peppermint is very stimulating, it draws the circulation to the area of application and lets your body do all the work of delivering nutrients and moisture to where you need it most. Calendula, Plantain and Marshmallow are ultra skin soothing and St. John's Wort is an amazing skin soother due to its anti inflammatory properties. 

You can also use this wonderful balm on cracked hands and feet.

Sweet Song's lip balms are made with medicinal plants grown in my gardens in Lakefield, Ontario. Made with herbal infused certified organic extra virgin olive oil of fresh certified organic peppermint leaf, soothing certified organic calendula flowers and moisturizing certified organic marshmallow root, to create one of the highest quality lip balms available.

Remember to drink lots of water, especially if you are dealing with dry skin on your hands and feet.

Ingredients: flowers, leaves, and roots, grown in my organic garden or ethically gathered from the fields and forests nearby  infused into this exceptional herbal lip balm, mixed with bees wax from Wren Lane Farm just outside of Lakefield, Ontario, pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

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.15ml, .5oz

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  1. Paul Archer

    peperminty and available in the Peterborough, Ontario Farmer’s Market.

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