This is a lovely lip balm.

It is scent free in terms of not having any scents, fragrance or essential oils added.

The light fragrance it does have comes from the cedar, pine and fir needles steeping in olive oil in the sun for 6-12 weeks. 

If you love the smell of evergreen needles, this lip balm may earn a special place in your heart. Made with infused oils rather than essential oils, there is no scent added to this balm, but it does have a light, sweet smell that can brings to mind walks in the forest. 

Ingredients:Flowers, roots, leaves, and evergreen needles of medicinal plants grown in my organic gardens and harvested from the fields and forests nearby, infused into food quality, *olive oil, and mixed with *bees wax from Wren Lane Farm just outside of Lakefield, Ontario. 

I ‘wildcraft’ (collect from the wild) the evergreen needles very consciously and carefully. I used to do quite a lot of wild crafting, but now I grow many of the medicinal plants I use, in my organic gardens. I do collect the ever green needles from the wild, and I do so in lots of different locations and following a strict, conscious and moral consideration. 



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