Face Serum


Deep tissue moisturizer, rich in nutrients your skin will love! 

Formulated for MATURE, SENSITIVE skin. 



Sweet Song Face Serum is formulated for deep tissue moisture, skin repair and rejuvenation.

Pure oil face serums penetrate the deeper areas of your skin, to moisturize in a way that even the best creams can’t. Sweet Song Face Serum can be used along with your cream moisturizer. Apply the Face Serum when you wake up and reapply as often as you like until you can feel your skin is fully moisturized. This may mean 3-5 applications for very dry skin. Only use a small amount and focus on the areas that need moisture the most. For me that is under my eyes and around my mouth. When you are satisfied your skin is fully moisturized, follow with a small dab of face cream to lock in the moisture and create a protective shield against the elements for your day. At night, use only Face Serum so your skin can breath.

Sweet Song Face Serums also offer you the aroma – therapy of frankincense and myrrh – the fragrant parts of these plants that restore, renew, protect and strengthen your spirit, mind and skin!

Contains the best of the best, food quality, certified organic carrier oils with therapeutic grade *essential oils specific for cell rejuvenation, and collagen production for mature, sensitive skin. 

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