Practical Medicine Making For The Home


Do you ever feel overwhelmed trying to sift through all the information about herbal medicine?

With over twenty years experience working with herbs and making medicine, I have created an easy to follow, step by step online course to make it super simple for you!

Hey! I’m Aryn;

Herbalist, medicine maker, wild crafter, artist and most of all –  a life long student of nature.

Are you a nature lover? Does the idea of making medicine inspire you? Are you curious about the medicines that grow around you?

I would love you to join me in the kitchen to fill your medicine chest with the most practical and effective plant medicines!



C O N N E C T   W I T H    N A T U R E 

Do you want to deepen your connection to nature by foraging medicinal plants?

Wild crafting can seem intimidating and you may be apprehensive about gathering wild medicinal plants on your own.

I am excited to share with you my years of experience studying, and gathering wild plant medicines.

M A K E   M E D I C I N E


Do you want to make your own herbal medicine but don’t know where to start?

The kitchen is my favorite room in the house! This is where we do the beautiful, valuable work that nourishes our family.

Join me in the kitchen as I  guide you every step of the way making practical and effective medicines for you and your family.

L E A R N   T O   U S E   M E D I C I N E   W I S E L Y


Too often, the advice we are given about herbal medicine comes from a marketing perspective, and this is not reliable at all.

I will teach you to use herbal medicine with ease and confidence based in science and anecdote from the thousands of years of our ancestors using plant based medicine.

Join me in the kitchen and stock your medicine cabinet with tried and true

herbal medicines from the bountiful gifts nature brings to us!