About Us

Welcome to Sweet Song!


We are Aryn Mahood and Catherine Self,  herbalists in Lakefield, Ontario, Canada. We have been studying medical herbalism and making handcrafted herbal products for over 15 years.

Our Connection

When we first met in 2006, we quickly realized that we shared the same deep passion for our Creator and creation, being in nature, science, health, and working in our kitchens.

We began formal studies in medical herbalism together that year at Wild Rose College in Alberta, Canada as well as studying with Christine Dennis in Port Burwell, Ontario. We have continued our studies through formal programs and self directed learning with various herbalists and are currently studying with Paul Bergner.

Gathering, Learning, And Sharing

Our studies quickly led us into the fields and forests; identifying and gathering medicines, bringing them home and working with the plants in our kitchens.

Sweet Song Grew Out Of Our Shared Passion And Studies.

Walking In Thankfulness …


Our process starts with thankful hearts for the abundance of all that creation offers. For the wonder of the purposefulness of each plant, and the feelings that a connection with nature brings us. We honour being in that atmosphere, that aliveness.

The Quiet Joy of Being In The Garden

We delight in seeing and learning from all the changes in the garden as it moves steadily and quietly through the rhythms of the seasons. Whether it is just sitting peacefully contemplating and enjoying that place, or working in cooperation with the beauty of the life as it unfolds and grows, it is all such a wonder.
Perhaps it is because we see the many parallels between us and the garden, as we also journey through the seasons and the  various changes within, that we are so drawn to its beauty.

Creating and Giving

In receiving from the abundance of creation, and all it is offering, through it’s beauty, harmony, the fragrance of the plants and their unique healing and restoring properties, it is our desire to gather those same beautiful qualities into the products we carefully create and offer to you!

What We Do Best

We specialize in making herbal infusions (extractions) with the medicinal flowers and plants from our gardens and the nearby fields. We also have a beautiful small line of preservative-free face and body products.
Being a small scale business means a lot to us. It allows us to have our hands carefully involved in the entire process; from seed to harvest, from kitchen to bottling, packaging and labelling, all the way to sending your orders off from our village post office.

Full of Integrity

Crafted with care and reverence for creation, Sweet Song’s products reflect excellence, integrity, and distinction.

At Sweet Song everything is hand made in small batches with the highest standards of care and integrity.

Freshness, Quality and Vibrancy are Sweet Song’s guarantee!

All of Sweet Song’s products reflect Aryn’s and Catherine’s love for their calling.