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Herbal Preparations

There is medicine all around us. At Sweet Song, we make herbal products with flowers and herbs to create vibrant, and effective herbal products. All the plants we use are either grown in our organic gardens in Lakefield, Ontario, or ethically wild crafted from the fields, and forests of the surrounding area.

Natural Face & Body Care

Following the Ayurvedic concept that we should only put on our skin what we would also put in our mouths to eat, Sweet Song Skin Care is handmade with food quality, certified organic and ethically harvested ingredients. Artisan quality, exceptionally pure.

Our Promise

Freshness, Quality and Vitality are our guarantee.

Using the finest food-quality, certified organic, garden grown, and wild crafted ingredients Aryn and Catherine create unique and traditional products in small batches.

Customer Reviews

I am so grateful for Sweet Song. My family has used many of Sweet Song’s handcrafted herbal products over the past 5 years. Everything from Aryn’s Elderberry Syrup to her Eczema Salve.

What I love about buying from Aryn is the incredible knowledge that comes along with her products. Not only am I buying the best all natural items for my family, I am also getting the advice, tips, and insight I need to go along with my purchases.

Maggie Savage

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

In this day and age, we are surrounded by environmental/food toxins and chemically laden products that bombard our bodily systems and wear us down. As health care providers, we have so much respect for the quality of natural ingredients that Aryn uses in her products and her knowledge in botanicals and herbs. Externally our skin reflects the health and well being on our insides and so many of Sweet Song’s products address this and enhance health naturally through teas, bitters, adaptogenic syrups – I have tried many and have been so happy with every one! Being hard on our bodies and working with our hands, Julia and I can’t say enough about the muscle and nerve oil, it works wonders! Some of my other all time favourites include my skin care regime of cleansing grains, queen of Hungary water, rose petal or radiance moisturizer, lip balm and all natural shampoo bar. I can’t wait to try more of the new, exciting and ever so sweet products Aryn continues to brew up. I cannot say enough great things! Thank you so much.

Rhea Merritt and Julia Kellam

Certified Athletic Therapists

I’ve been using Sweet Song products daily for the past few years, and I couldn’t be happier. Aryn cares about the ingredients she uses, and it really shows – the products are exceptionally high quality, and I feel great knowing they are natural and chemical-free.

I am so relieved to have finally found products that help with my troublesome skin. My personal favourites are the Cleansing Grains, Naked Lip Butter, and the herbal salves (the winter salve is a lifesaver!).

I’m not always very adventurous with trying new products, but I’ve had such great luck with all the Sweet Song products that I’ve used, I can’t wait to try more. From ordering online, to receiving my goodies, to using them daily, the experience is positive in every way. I highly recommend Sweet Song!

Emily Roik

I am over the moon for Sweet Song’s beautiful products. Every product I have used, from the luscious Rose Petal Botanical Moisturizing Cream to the cooling Blessed Bitters is made of extremely high-quality natural ingredients.

Clearly Sweet Song puts a lot of care, attention and herbal wisdom and respect into their creations. They are absolutely the best that I have come across for natural ingredient beauty and herbal products.

Megan Brians

New York City

I have been working with Aryn for over two years now and have tried almost all of her products. I stock a few regular products at my clinic, but what I don’t stock I send my patients to the market to get. The quality of her products is hard to find, and they are packaged very professionally. For being chemical free, her products also have a great shelf life. Aryn cares deeply about the quality of her products, they only contain fresh herbs! You know you’ve found a great herbalist when they harvest the herbs themselves. My patients swear by her elderberry syrup and her moisturizing creams!

Dr. Brenda Tapp ND

Naturopathic Doctor

Join Us in the Garden

Learn about the plants we use, and follow us through the seasons as we gather and prepare medicinal plants to create an array of all natural products.