Elderberry Syrup




Elderberry syrup is what I always use for my family in case of colds or flu.

I have been making and using Elderberry Syrup for about 12 years now. As an herbalist I am always experimenting with different plants but when it comes to a cold or flu, Elderberry is my go to.

As soon as you feel a symptom of any kind, take a tsp – Tbsp of elderberry syrup every hour until the symptom disappears. 

Elderberry and elderflower have been studied extensively and clinical trials prove that taking elderberry will shorten the duration of a cold or flu. If you feel something coming on, put on a warm hat and scarf, drink lots of water and get yourself to bed and rest as much as possible and take small amounts of elderberry syrup throughout the day. 

This syrup must be kept in the refrigerator even before opening and will last for one year.

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